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 About Us

Wishing to promote and help bring peace and mindfulness to people in an ever changing and busy Hong Kong environment, we sought out meditation suppliers that matched our ethos.


We are delighted to collaborate with a supplier from India that supports the less fortunate and most vulnerable to provide quality, handmade products. We know from visiting their factory and staff that the products we sell are of a superior quality and sourced ethically.

Supplying government organisations, such as schools, our products meet British Standard (BS) quality and fire standards. Fire standards may incur additional charges.

Your meditation products can be customized to include your logo and colour palettes. Shortly our website will be available to take orders for individual buyers.

Should you wish to inquire about either corporate larger orders or individual requirements please contact us on

The team - Arrived Mindful

I have arrived, I am home.
— Thich Nhat Hanh